Full Care

Full care boarding is all inclusive. Daily stall cleaning, twice daily feeding, etc. We have two grain options: Hallway Fibrenergy, a super premium, fully fortified, textured “non-heating” feed and Stamm 30® which is a highly concentrated source of proteins, vitamins and minerals that is great for easy keepers. We feed high quality, mid maturity, orchard grass hay year round. Full care horses are turned out during the day in the winter (December-April) and turned out at night during the warmer months. The large, airy stalls in the main barn are equipped with high quality corner fans as well as large windows for the hotter, summer months and heated water buckets during winter.

Full Care boarding starts at $600/month

Modified Full Care

Modified full care boarding is a great option for those horses that are considered "easy keepers". Modified full care is a perfect mix of full care and pasture care. From April-November, horses come inside for part of the day and are given one daily grain meal (up to 3 lbs). During the winter, horses are turned out 24/7 with hay given 3-4x daily. During the winter, modified care clients may choose to continue daily grain feedings for an additional $50/month. Horses will be brought into stalls due to extreme weather conditions deemed by staff, additional nights may be purchased for $10/night. Modified care boarders have an assigned stall, access to one of the tack rooms, and access to all of the other amenities offered at West Wind.

Modified Full Care boarding starts at $500/month