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Do you offer trail rides/pony rides?

At this time, we only offer formal lessons. No pony rides or trail rides are offered.

Do you have trailer parking?

Yes! We have plenty of space for you to park your trailer, at no additional cost! Our trailer parking area is close to the barn and easy to access.

Do you allow outside arena use?

We allow the use of our arenas and facility for $15/rider, groups of 5 or more will need to purchase a half or full day rental (see below)

Are lessons required for boarding?

Lessons are encouraged, but not required to board at West Wind.

Who are your farrier and vet preferences?

We generally use Park Equine as our vet. Donny Brandenburg and Meghan Miles are the main farriers, but other vets and farriers are welcome at West Wind's discretion.

Are there charges for extras like blankets, flymask, etc.?

We include these amenities with full board and are happy to apply blankets, fly gear, etc. 2x/day at no additional cost.

Do you rent the covered arena?

Groups of 5+ riders may rent the covered arena for half (4 hours) or full days (8 hours). The rates are $15/rider OR $150 for a half day and $300 for a full day, which ever is greater. Rental reserves the covered arena for exclusive use by the group as well as access to the rest of the property. Please allow 15-30 days of lead time for rentals.

What do you require upon move in?

The bare minimum is coggins and information on last worming or fecal count, as well as the first month’s payment. Health certificates are encouraged and expedite the process of introducing your horse to a field.

Do you offer overnight stalls?

We offer overnight stalls for $25/stall. Shavings and water buckets will be provided, please plan to bring your own hay and feed. Proof of negative coggins will be required before unloading.

Do you hold for vet and farrier appointments?

Holding for appointments is included in full and partial care options at no additional charge. Holding is available for pasture care clients for $10/appointment

Can I provide my choice of grain?

We allow clients to provide their own grain for a $25 reduction in board where applicable. Meals must be pre-packaged with any dry supplements (excl. Smartpaks) required.

What is your worming protocol? 

We collect fecal samples 3x/year (spring, summer, fall) to be tested and the fecal test will be billed to your account ($20). If your horse is considered a "high shedder", you will be asked to worm your horse. Zero and low shedders will not be required to worm.