At West Wind, we believe that correct biomechanics of the rider is a vital component in creating accurate and skilled riders in every discipline. Every horse and rider are different, and we structure our training to meet each combination's needs so every rider can advance towards their goals.

We offer lessons in dressage, hunter/jumper, equitation, and eventing. Whether your goals include nailing a perfect 20m circle, successfully navigating a course at a AA show, or simply improving your abilities, we have a program tailored just for you.


Jen Taylor

Jen Taylor provides hunter, jumper, equitation, and eventing lessons for all levels. Click below to learn more about Jen.

Vicky Esquivel

Vicky Esquivel oversees and teaches all dressage/ biomechanics lessons. Click below for more information about Vicky.



“Jen has been instrumental in helping me reach one goal after another in my riding. As a trainer, she instills confidence. Moreover, Jen has a beautiful ability to guide riders to better connect with their horses..”